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About NTP Truboprovod

«Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co «TRUBOPROVOD» (NTP Truboprovod) was founded in 1992.

The Company performs the range of activities aimed at setting up and development of process facilities; automation of project design and expert review of industrial safety of process facilities and technical devices; non- destructive examination of vessels, apparatuses, tanks and pipelines in oil, gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, pressure vessels, boilers, steam and hot water pipelines, gas supply facilities; design and engineering of process facilities with the use of CAD systems, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other facilities operating explosion-fire hazardous, toxic and aggressive media, gas supply facilities, steam and hot water pipelines.

The Company Quality Assurance System represents a set of special documents (company standards, rules, procedures, practices and instructions), which precisely specify requirements to all elements of the Quality Assurance System.
Many well-known Russian and foreign companies are among clients and partners of NTP “Truboprovod”.

NTP Truboprovod is a member of Association of expert organizations of hazardous facilities (Association Rostekhexpertiza).

NTP Truboprovod Directing Staff:

Anatoly Z. Mirkin, Director
Valdis V. Usinsh, First Deputy Director
Leonid B. Korelshtein, Deputy Director on science
Victor Ya. Magalif, Deputy Director
Alexey I. Timoshkin , Deputy Director on IT


Main activities

  1. Development of recommendations for complicated non-standard engineering problems:
    • Strength and process analysis of pipeline systems of complex design with high loads considering the impact on pump and compressor piping and nozzles;
    • Strength analysis and design of vessels, apparatuses, tanks and structures at high load conditions;
    • Vibration analysis of equipment and pipelines, development and implementation of recommendations for reduction of vibration;
    • Inspection (diagnostics) of technical condition and identification of remaining service life of equipment (vessels, apparatuses, tanks, valves, pumps, compressors) and pipelines with development of necessary recommendations for prolongation of service life.
  2. Expert review of industrial safety of projects, process facilities, equipment and pipelines.
  3. Development and implementation of software and databases for CAD systems.
  4. Research & development studies, elaboration of methods hydraulic, heat and stress analysis of piping systems.
  5. Development of technical standards and recommendations.
  6. Design support in solution of complicated engineering tasks and automation of design work.

Georgiy S. Yaitskikh - Deputy General Director on Development

Our specialists have rich experience, are the authors of scientific works and inventions; collaborate with Russian leading science –research institutions.

NTP Truboprovod has developed the following research and technical documentation

  • РТМ -38.001-94 Guidelines for strength and vibration analysis of steel process pipelines. Approved by RF Gosgortekhnadzor on 1994.
  • Procedure for probability evaluation of residual service life of steel process pipelines. Approved by RF Gosgortekhnadzor on 1996.
  • Procedure for complex diagnostics of technical condition and probability evaluation of residual life of field pipelines. Approved by RF Gosgortekhnadzor in 2001.
  • RD 10-400-01. Design norms for heating network pipelines strength. 2001.
  • Design principles of heating network pipelines (Reference-methodical material) 2003.
  • Methodical recommendations for the development of operating procedures for production in oil-refinery industry. 2003 г.
  • STP (Standard) 09-04-02 (001-STP/А ) Strength and vibration analysis of steel process pipelines. 2005 г .
  • STP-10-04-01 Strength analysis of vessels and apparatuses. Т .1. Strength analysis of vertical and horizontal vessels. 2005.
  • Situation and trends on foreign and domestic markets for the process units design software . Analytical review.2005.


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