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Information Technologies Services

  1. Supply of software for thermal, hydraulic and strength analysis, piping system design, equipment & material selection.
  2. Supply of seats for 3D design of production facilities and units based on computer-aided design systems from world leaders in CAD.

    Supplied seats options make it possible to select effective solution complying with the amount and complication of design to be made.

  1. Program and database development and supplied software updating on the users request.
  2. Training of users of graphic systems and analysis and design software.

Our specialists have rich experience in development and implementation of software programs and databases; collaborate with leading Russian and foreign companies in the field of information technologies.

Total numbers of the NTP «Truboprovod» software users more than 1000 companies





Hydrosystem *

Selection of diameters of branched pipelines transporting liquids or gases, determination of system capacity or hydraulic verification analysis. Input data: pressure at sources and consumption points, flow rates in branches, product temperature, composition or properties of product, branches pipeline layout with local resistance values. Analysis results: pipe diameters, pressure and product parameters at all points of the system; recalculated flow rate distribution in branches.

Program consists of several modules and is supplied in various configurations.


Predklapan (Safety Valve)*

Calculation of required valve effective area; calculation of product properties for given composition; selection of valve type and number as well as selection of spring, from program database; hydraulic analysis of inlet and outlet piping, and verification of admissibility of hydraulic losses; producing of design documentation – explanatory notes, specification, and detailed calculation log – in customer-adapted form; verification of variants with various types of valves being mounted, verification calculation for previously mounted valves. The program complies with GOST 12.2.085-2002, IPB 03-591-03 and has been APPROVED by GOSGORTECHNADZOR of Russia (Letter № AC-04-35/444 of 07.08.02).


Izolatsia ( Insulation ) *

Calculation of heat insulation of pipelines, fittings, valves, and equipment in accordance with SNiP 41-03-2003 «Heat insulation of equipment and pipelines», NR 34-70-118-87. Selection of insulating materials; calculation of insulation thickness, volume and surface area, selection of design; calculation of scope of work and consumption of basic and auxiliary materials; development of assembly list, list of scope of and list of material consumption for standard and non-standard equipment, surface and underground pipelines (including heat-traced pipelines), valves and fittings. Certificate РОСС RU.9001.11CП 11 № 312930, valid until 20.09.2006.


Analysis of thermo-physical properties and solving of tasks of phase equilibrium for mixtures of individual substances and oil fractions. Database of basic constants for 1500 individual substances. Analysis based on documents of TDC VNIIPKneftechim 1978 – 1985.


Strength and stability analysis of vessels design for evaluation of carrying capacity in operating conditions as well as during testing and erection. Analysis was performed on the basis of: GOST 14249-89, GOST 25221-82, GOST 26202-84, GOST 24755-89, RD 26-15-88, RD РТМ 26-01-96-77, RD 10-249-98, OST 26-01-64-83, RD 26-01-169-89, RD24-200-21-91 etc.


Module of PASSAT system providing analysis of flanges and nozzles under external loads

* - The programs using values of thermo physical properties of products have incorporated STARS program.





Strength and rigidity analysis for steam and hot water pipelines, main gas and oil pipelines, process steel pipings. Branched 3D pipelines with various design of end and intermediate supports, with various expansion joints made in the form of corrugated, lens-shaped, stuffing box, or bellows type pipe compensators under static and cyclic loading of various nature (temperature expansion, concentrated and distributed loads, support movement, tension, and compression) are calculated. If required, the program automatically selects spring supports and calculates their tightening torque. Pipeline and fixtures strength and bearing capacity assessment is done for various Russian standards (conformity with norms confirmed by Certificate of Gosstroy RF ROSS RU.SP11. N 00003 Gosstroy RF № 0075985).

Program includes the base module START –Base and additional modules. For the designing complex large- dimensions pipelines instead of START –Base module is delivered START –BaseProf module.

Program is completed by the following additional modules:


Analyzes buried pipelines and polyurethane insulation stress

Start-Flexible Pipes

stress analysis and estimation of loads on supports for flexible polymeric pipes "Isoproflex" and Isoproflex-A and steel corrugated pipes "Kasafex"

START-Rejection Thickness

analysis of process pipelines rejection thicknesses per -03-005-07

START-Operational Life

operational life analysis of designed process pipelines considering fatigue strength and corrosion, as per RTM 38.001-94 and 03-003-07


equipment and vessel nozzle flexibility calculation


Import from Plant-4D data. Standard package includes templates used for converting data created by Plant4D on the basis of the Russian pipes, fittings and valves databases


imports pipeline models from PCF format files (provided by CEA Plant4D, Bentley AutoPlant, PlantSpace, Autodesk Plant3D, Coade CADWorx, Intergraph SmartPlant and other systems)


import from the reports created by PDMS software

START- Kompas

export of analysis model to ASCON Kompas-Graphic 5. and higher

START-Neutral File

import from the neutral format file, export of input data and analysis results to the neutral file. Neutral file is a text file for data exchange with other software




Shtutser (Nozzle)

Calculation of local stresses at nozzle/vessel connections subject to various forms of external loading and internal pressure. The program allows calculating connection stiffness (flexibility) for use in a pipe stress model. Based on well known engineering design standards Welding Research Council (WRC) Bulletin 107, WRC297, BS5500, GOST 24755-89. Helps engineers and designers to determine whether or not the wall of a pressure vessel can withstand piping loads on the nozzle.


Contains calculation of g -percentage residual lifetime of steel industrial pipelines with working pressure up to 10 MPa according to RD 10-400-01, RTM 38.001-94. Calculation is based on method of estimation of residual resource, agreed with Gosgortechnadzor RF dated 11.01.96. Method spreads on pipelines which are subjected to corrosion-erosion wear. Basic data for this calculation is allowable stresses and measured thickness of walls.

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