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IPN (Engineering & Industrial Company)

Engineering & Industrial Petrochemical Company – IPN was founded in 1994.  Founders are: OOO NTP Truboprovod, OAO Trest №7, OAO IPT Neftekhimzavody and individuals – leading engineers in refining and petrochemical industry.

IPN offers a full package of engineering services to create new oil refining and processing, petrochemical and chemical facilities or restore the existing ones, including common service facilities.

Our motto is Delivered That Ordered and we always meet the requirements as specified by our customers and partners and implement the full scope of work stated in contracts.

We could resolve any specification requirements whatever complexity level they would be and fully implement any kind of orders including tailored ones for revamping of existing facilities or creating new ones both due to effective HR policy and the very high level of our specialists’ qualification.
The high quality assurance policy shall be the key for growth and expansion of our company’s activity over the engineering market.

Now we are not only developing guidelines for quality assurance control, but creating an integral system to guarantee the very high implementation standards of engineering services for all of our customers and partners.

We are expanding our activities through worldwide and we are glad to offer you a wide range of our engineering services in developing any projects on the field of oil processing, refining and industrial chemical engineering.

Anatoly Z. Mirkin - Director General

Alexandr L. Tsargorodsky - Project Director

Stanislav M. Galushko - Chief Builder of JSC IPN

Georgiy S. Yaitskikh - Deputy General Director on Development

Valdis V. Usinsh - First Deputy Director-General

Stanislav S. Demchenko, Chief Process Engineer

Eugene M. Yakunichev - Technical Director

Konstantin P. Kulakov - Deputy Technical Director

Nikolay Y. Maksimenko - CAD Deputy General Director of JSC IPN

IPN is a long-term aimed company, which main line is designing of explosion-proof & fire-safe chemically risky and hazardous factories and facilities with providing for its safety, reliability, ecological friendliness through using the advanced design technique, newest computer-added systems, and ensuring of strict compliance with any industrial and ecological safety requirements.


IPN engineering services include the following:
- Examination of operating facilities and evaluation of scope of reconstruction works necessary to achieve aimed targets (specified values);
- Development of declaration for new engineering facilities construction planning;
- Development of investment project and feasibility study (TEO);
- Development of basic and detailed design for processing, oil refining and petrochemical and chemical engineering facilities and its common service facilities;
- Manufacture and supply of equipment, quality control for manufactured products;
- Field supervision for construction, installation and start-up of facilities or equipment;
- Engineering back-up in the course of IPN project expert reviews and obtaining necessary permissions.


Our engineering activities are carried out based on the effective HR policy and the very high qualification of our specialists certified by ROSTEKHNADZOR and ROSSTROY.

IPN services cover the following range of engineering documentation for construction of buildings & facilities:

General plan and transport
Architectural & engineering solutions
Process solutions
Service facilities, network and systems
Environment protection
Operations management and labor conditions
Corrosion protection for structures &facilities
Fire protection and alarm systems
Construction management
Construction estimates.

IPN will function as general designer if requested by customer.

Research & Development

IPN Company staff has developed the following methods, programs, engineering handbooks and standards

  • RD 10-400-01 - Norms for Strength Calculation of Heat Pipelines, 2001.
  • Method for Probability Evaluation of Residual Life of Steel Process Piping. The document is coordinated by Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia on 11.01.1996.
  • A.Z.Mirkin, V.V.Usinsh. Piping Systems. Reference Book, Moscow, Khimia, 1991.
  • Methods and Programs on Hydraulic, Heat & Strength Calculation for Piping, including:
    • two-phase (gas & fluid) flow calculation;
    • two-phase (gas & fluid) flow calculation;
    • transfer line calculation;
    • equipment strength and stability calculations (vessels, apparatus, tanks, piping, metalwork);
    • non-stationary process calculation (pulsating, vibration, hydraulic impact);
    • strength & stiffness calculation for uncased polymer coated piping.
  • Oil&Gas Mini-refineries, Modular Designed (Overview), 1999.
  • Methanol Mini-producing Units – Feasibility Study for OAO Gazprom, 2001.
  • Recommended Operating Practice Development for Oil Refining Industry , RF Minenergo, 2003.


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