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Diagnostics of technical condition of equipment and pipelines

Technical diagnosis and industrial safety expert review of the equipment and pipelines is performed, include industrial safety expert review of documentation for overhaul repair, technical upgrading, conservation and liquidation of hazardous industrial facilities, as well as expert review of engineering devices and other documents related to operation of hazardous industrial facilities.

Types of equipment under inspection: vessels, apparatus, tanks, pipelines for utilities, steam and hot water, mains, valves, pumps and compressors.

Scope of diagnostics:

  1. Analysis of documentation and results of previous inspections, test results, repair and failure reports. Identification of failure origin and forecast of most probable failures. Assessment of equipment testability. Assessment of possibilities of mounting additional measuring and diagnostics instruments for increasing safety level of equipment operation.
  2. Diagnostics of technical condition by methods of non-destructive inspection: visual and measurement inspection, measurement of apparatus and pipeline wall thickness, metal hardness measurement, detection of internal defects in welded joints by ultrasonic and magnetic flaw detection, detection of expanding defects by acoustic emission methods and acoustic leakage finding during hydraulic tests of equipment; measuring and assessment of vibration level in pipelines and equipment.
  1. Checking strength calculations of vessels, apparatuses and pipelines; calculation of residual lifetime of equipment; analysis of stresses and deformation in equipment and pipelines using a finite element method.
  2. Drawing up the conclusions and making the recommendations on enhancing safety of equipment operation.

Efficiency of works is provided with application of modern methods and instruments of nondestructive control of industrial equipment.

Nondestructive examination is carried out by experts having qualifying certificates issued by "SpektrSert" Certification Body for nondestructive control personnel (Joint-Stock Company MNPO «Spektr»).

The analysis of results of nondestructive testing, engineering specifications and drawing up of the conclusions are carried out by the experts having the certification in system of expert review of industrial safety of technical devices of hazardous industrial objects of Rostekhnadzor.

Such approach ensures the level of industrial safety of equipment meeting all requirements of Rostekhnadzor.

All stages of work are controlled by Quality Assurance System implemented in NTP Truboprovod.

Andrey N.Krasnokutsky, Head of Pipelines and Equipment Strength Department


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