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IPN Main Divisions

Process Division

Engineering Department

Functions of this division are: estimation and selection of column, heat-exchangers, pumping and tanks for processing facilities, setting of process parameters and its control systems, P&ID for units.

Performs engineering design of non-standard process equipment, piping of process equipment, performs strength and temperature calculations of pipelines, as well as designing of thermal insulation of process pipelines and equipment. Specialists of the department carry out technical supervision of the equipment manufacturing quality under JSC IPNs projects, and deal with completing and delivery of the equipment to the customer.

Stanislav S. Demchenko, Chief Process Engineer

Head of Department: Sergey Leonidovich Shakimov


Automation & Electrics Division

General Construction Design Division

Functions: development of process automation diagrams and electrical flow sheets. They will design illumination, lightning arresting systems for processing facilities, communication and warnings.

Functions: development of General Plans for factories and processing facilities, creating of drawing for foundations, reinforced-concrete and metal structures, its strength calculations and seismic stability. Heating and ventilation, water supply and sewer systems are also the area of this division.

Head of Automation & Electrics Division Tatiana B.Baymatova

Head of General Construction Design Division Stanislav M.Galushko


Technical department

CAD Department

Prepares and develops technical solutions concerning design documentation, participates in the drafting of normative and technical documentation covering technical support of the structural divisions, carries out uniform technical policy and participates in the development of industry-based codes, rules, regulations and standards of the Russian Federation.

To assure quality of design and reduction the time limits, a number of software solutions are used:
"HYDROSYSTEM", "STARS" - thermal and hydraulic calculations of piping systems and properties of the products;
"TRANSFER" - for calculation of transfer pipelines;
"INSULATION" - for design of heat insulation of the equipment and pipelines;
"START" - strength and stiffness calculation of pipelines;
"PASSAT" - strength and stability analysis of vessels and apparatuses;
"PREDKLAPAN" - calculation and selection of safety valves;
"DBMS PROJECT" a set of programs for managing of materials and development of project documents;
AutoCAD P & ID, PDMS, ANSYS, CAD-Alpha, etc.

Head of Department: Rais Samuilovich Satdinov

Head of Department: Pavel Kapylov

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