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Popular piping fluid flow analysis Hydrosystem software is now integrated with Spaix

Moscow, Russia Dresden, Germany 20 April 2015

Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod) in cooperation with VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE has released a new version 3.85 of its piping fluid flow analysis program Hydrosystem. This is the first version of Hydrosystem integrated with popular Spaix 4 Quick&Easy pump selection program by VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE.

Hydrosystem software performs heat losses & pressure drop calculation and nominal size selection for the pipeline networks transporting both compressible or incompressible one phase fluids and two phase gas-liquid mixtures. Steady-state flow and water hammer (surge) analysis can be done for piping networks of any complexity. The program includes powerful thermodynamic libraries which provide automatic phase equilibrium analysis and calculation of all necessary fluid properties on the base of fluid composition or oil distillation data. The accuracy of results is ensured by automatic recount of fluid properties and flows at every pipeline component. Detailed component analysis is performed in accordance with worldwide-accepted correlations by Idelchik, Miller and other experts, as well as modern two phase flow analysis methods. Simple and user-friendly GUI of the software provides different options of graphical representation of calculated piping (PFD and P&IDlike schemes, real exact 3D model, raster map background etc.) and animated results visualization. The software is widely used in power, oil refinery, petrochemical, gas, oil, chemical and other industries in hundreds of companies in Russia and other countries.

The product Spaix 4 Quick&Easy is a compact version of the Spaix 4 Pumps software. While Spaix 4 Pumps includes a complete sales support package with product configurator and quote generation, the Quick&Easy edition is focusing on performance curve management and pump selection. Due to the focus on core functionalities, the software can be characterized by its easy handling and user friendliness. Reliable pump selection is possible with minimal effort. Spaix Quick&Easy contains all functions for the calculation, evaluation and conversion of pump performance curves. Moreover, the software includes drive selection and dimensioning.

The new Hydrosystem version provides bi-directional integration with desktop-based version of Spaix 4 Quick&Easy using Spaix 4 ProjectAdapter XML. Hydrosystem automatically transfers operation points data and necessary fluid properties to Spaix and launches the latter program for pump selection. After an optimal pump is selected (including appropriate duty point adjustment) in Spaix, the data on corrected pump performance and NPSH curves for selected pumps are automatically transferred back to Hydrosystem for final hydraulic analysis.

The compact pump selection program is also delivered to all Hydrosystem users entitled to version 3.85, according to the agreement between NTP Truboprovod and VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE. Russian version of Hydrosystem is delivered with Russian Spaix 4 Quick&Easy manual (specially prepared for this version by specialists of both companies) and pump database. The database currently contains data on petroleum centrifugal pumps by JSC Volgogradneftemash, the work is under way to add pumps of other popular Russian and world manufactures with next Hydrosystem releases.

The integrated Hydrosystem + Spaix 4 Quick&Easy software bundle provides new opportunities for process and piping engineers to improve quality and energy efficiency of their projects. VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE and NTP Truboprovod intend to further improve this solution and invite all interested pump manufactures to cooperate in extending it with their data.

Piping System Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod)

Piping Systems Research & Engineering Co (NTP Truboprovod) is one of Russias leading developers of CAD/CAE software and databases for hydraulic and heat loss calculation and strength analysis of piping systems, vessels and apparatuses. The company also performs a range of activities aimed at setting up and developing process facilities, including expert review of industrial safety of process facilities and technical devices; non-destructive examination of vessels, apparatuses, tanks and pipelines in oil, gas, petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries; design and engineering of process facilities in petroleum refining, petrochemical and chemical industries and other facilities operating explosion-fire hazardous, toxic and aggressive media.

For more information please contact http://www.truboprovod.ru.


VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE develops applications for sizing, selection, configuration and sales of pumps and engineered products in the fluid handling industries combined with solutions for business process automation. The software solutions substitute conventional product catalogues and thus simplify the sales processes of producers as well as users. Moreover, the software users profit from additional applications like the technical calculation, complex product configurations as well as offers and technical documents producible directly in the system. VSX VOGEL SOFTWARE was founded in 1993 by the brothers Hanns-Henrik and Jens-Uwe Vogel and since this time the firm grows continuously. Due to the intensive international orientation the company generates about 60% of its turnover outside of the domestic market Germany.

For more information please contact http://www.vsx.net.

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