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|17.02.2017|START Prof version 4.81 R3 release

START Prof version 4.81 R3 release. To get more details

|23.01.2017|Hydrosystem new 3.88 version release

A new 3.88 version of Hydrosystem is released with new features, upgrades and fixes, including:

  • Parameter selection feature that allows maintaining specified flow parameters at any pipeline locations;
  • Waterhammer module upgrades including beta-version of cavitation, dampers, reports, etc.;
  • Topological pipeline analysis and many others.
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|10.01.2017|PASSAT new version 2.12 release

PASSAT new version 2.12 is released, which includes a number of additional calculations, corrections and options.

The following calculations have been added:
  • Jackets with longitudinal pipes, as per RD 26-01-149-84;
    • Ring support of vertical vessel;
    • Elements with consideration for cladding layer, as per i. 8.8 GOST R 52857.1;
  • New option assigning of distributed external load has been added.
  • A table of used materials is now available, etc.
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|30.12.2016|START version 4.81 release

START version 4.81 release. This version has many new features including:

  • Added new code ASME B31.1-2016 Power Piping (United states)
  • Added new code DL/T 5366-2014 Power Piping (China)
  • New materials are added into START material database according to ASME B31.1-2016 and DL/T 5366-2014 codes
  • Added China General Expansion Joint () into Expansion Joint database
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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|07.12.2016|NOZZLE-FEM 2.13

A new version Nozzle-FEM 2.13 is now available, which has a number of additional options, including strength calculation at low-cycle loads as per i.7 GOST R 52857.6-2007 (refined low-cycle strength calculation).

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|28.09.2016|PASSAT new version 2.11 release

PASSAT new version 2.11 is now available, that includes a number of additional calculations, corrections and options. Calculations of elements as per ASME VIII div.1 are added (cylindrical shells from impact of external loads; cylindrical shells at locations of saddle supports; cylindrical, U-jackets, spiral and register channels); WRC 537 (instead of WRC 107), as well as calculation of weights and centers of gravity per the elements and for the complete vessel are implemented.

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All users under aftersales service are recommended to install this program version.

|28.06.2016|START version 4.80 release.
START version 4.80 release. This version has many new features including:
  • START doesn't support Windows XP any more. Supported operating systems: Vista/7/8/10
  • Added new option START-Plastic piping. It is possible to perform stress analysis for plastic piping polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polybutene (PB), Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), polyvinylchloride (PVC) e.t.c. according to GOST 32388-2013;
  • Added ability to analyze district heating network pipelines with pre-heating method according to GOST R 55596-2013 and CJJ/T 81-2013;
  • Added application guide in START help system;
  • Added new pdf user's manual;
  • Newly developed and replaced the export to dxf (Autocad format) module;
  • ISO 14692-3:2002: Code updated to ISO 14692-3:2002/Cor 1:2005;
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: Allowable stresses in cold and test state now is 1.5Sc and 1.5Sc instead of 3Sc. The operation allowable is 3Sh;
  • CJJ/T 81-2013: Updated material database per DL/T 5366-2014 instead of old DL/T 5366-2006;
  • GOST 32388-2013, GOST R 55596-2013, CJJ/T 81-2013: Code updated, allowable stresses in test state for bends, tees and reducers now is 1.5(Sc+Sh);
  • Added China power springs table to springs database and added corresponding selection algorithm;
  • Added Chinese constant force hanger table NB/T 47038-2013 to constant force hanger database and corresponding selection algorithm;
  • Code GB 10182-88 replaced by NBT 47039-2013 in springs database;
  • START-Elements: Added centrifugal pump load check per API 610 (ISO 13709), GOST 32601-2013 and Kellogg (L.C. Peng);
  • Other improvements.
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|06.04.2016|Hydrosystem version 3.87 released
Hydrosystem version 3.87 contains several significant improvements. Get more details...

|25.02.2016|Nozzle-FEM version release 2.12
Nozzle-FEM 2.12 release is now available. This release has bug fixes including:
  • Nozzle location limit for bottoms/heads are expanded;
  • Calculation of conical transitions and heads clarified due to refined mesh;
  • Chinese language is allowable for working;
  • Added calculation of the stress intensification factors;
  • Added calculation of the flexibility factors.

|15.02.2016|PASSAT version release
Passat 2.10 release is now available. This release has bug fixes including:
  • Calculation of the following elements as per ASME VIII (2013) Div.1 is implemented;
  • Standard element database is now extended as follows;
  • Option of relocation of child elements in the model tree within the same hierarchical layer has been added;
  • Many captions in dialogues were not displayed completely, fixed;
  • A new option, quick model rebuilding by means of OpenGL, is now available.
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|20.01.2016|START Prof version release
START Prof version 4.79 R3 release. Get more details...
The START users with valid warranty may download the new version from downloads page. Also, you may need to update the dongle from 4.78 and lower version in accordance with section 4.7 of manual. To update from 4.79 R1-R2 versions the dongle updating is not needed.

|08.12.2015|START Prof version 4.79 R2 release
START Prof 4.79 R2 release is now available. This release has bug fixes including:
  • 3D view: Improved deformed shape animation for seismic load cases;
  • Fixed bug in intermediate anchor load calculation in local pipe axes;
  • START-Elements: Improved the iteration algorithm for virtual anchor length calculation;
  • Fixed other minor bugs;
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|13.11.2015|Hydrosystem version 3.86 released
Hydrosystem version 3.86 contains several significant improvements. Get more details...

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