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The "PASSAT" program is designed for calculation of strength and stability of vessels, apparatuses and their elements for the purpose of evaluation of carrying ability in operating conditions, as well as during testing and assembling process.

The program is intended for designing, revamping and testing of vessels and apparatuses, as well as for making check calculations of oil-refining, chemical, petrochemical, natural gas, petroleum and other related industries. Software is recommended by Rostekhnadzor (Ref. No. 11-16/2865 dated 06.09.2005) and certified by CSert (certificate RA.RU.1186 0351008).

The programs core calculates strength and stability of horizontal and vertical vessels and apparatuses according Russian and some general codes. The calculation is based on latest versions of

  • ASME VIII, div.1;
  • EN 13445-3;
  • GOST 34233.(1-12)-2017 and earlier;
  • GOST 14249-89 and GOST 25221-82;
  • 26202-84 GOST, GOST 24755-89;
  • RD 26-15-88, RTM 26-01-96-77;
  • RD 10-249-98, OST 26-01-64-83;
  • RD 26-01-169-89, RD 24-200-21-91 etc.

and it employs database of standard materials:

  • ASME II Part D;
  • EN Standards;
  • GOST 34233.12017;
  • JB 4732-1995, GB 713-2008 etc.

In addition, core includes calculations following elements:

  • high pressure vessels elements by GOST R 54522, GOST 26293, GOST 26303, OST 26-1046-87;
  • nozzle tie in the cylinder shells and dished heads from the pressure and external loads action provided by GOST 34233.3, WRC-537(107), WRC-297

Additional, PASSAT may include advanced options:

  • PASSAT Columns strength and stability calculation of the columns with considering wind and seismic loads. These calculations are based on the GOST 34233.92017, GOST 34283-2017.
  • PASSAT-Heat Exchangers - strength and stability calculation of shell-and-tube heat exchangers and Air Cooled Heat Exchanger. These calculations are based on the ASME VIII, div.1 and GOST R 34233.7-2017, RD 26-14-88, GOST 30780-2002.
  • PASSAT-Seismic - strength and stability calculation of horizontal and vertical vessels with considering seismic effects. This calculation is based on STO SA 03.003-2009, GOST R 55722-2013, GOST 34283-2017, AzDTN 2.3 1.
  • PASSAT-Tanks - alculation of the vertical steel cylindrical tanks based on STOSA030022011, GOST 31385-2016.

Calculations are performed element by element, and include:

  • cylindrical and conical shells (smooth and reinforced by stiffening rings);
  • welded heads and a bolted cover (spherical; elliptical; torispherical; conical; flat, including ribs; spherical neotorularia);
  • saddle supports and cylindrical shells in places of intersection;
  • cylindrical shells and heads in places of intersection with supporting lugs, legs and skirt for vertical ves-sels and apparatuses;
  • openings in shells and heads;
  • tie (fitting) in shell and dished ends;
  • flanges;
  • elements of the apparatuses from wind and seismic effects, including installed on the pedestal;
  • tube sheets, shell, tubes, expansion bellows, extender, floating head heat exchangers;
  • elements of vessels and vehicles with shirts (cylindrical, U-shaped, partially covered by shirts, from coil and register-based channels);
  • shell, roof, nozzeles and anchor bolts of the tanks.



  • analysis of correctness and constraints of the data while input;
  • when changing geometrical parameters or loading conditions in the element after a warning there is an automatic change in adjacent elements of the whole model;
  • selection of used materials from a large database with the with the ability to specify your own. The values of permissible stresses, elastic moduli, etc. when changing material, temperature or wall thickness is changed automatically by the program;
  • untits setting (SI, MKS, US, );
  • three-dimensional models with the ability to set colors of individual elements;
  • three-dimensional models with the ability to set colors of individual elements;
  • the input elements of the flange connection from the database (flanges, gaskets, studs,...) according to the ASME, EN, GOST;
  • automatic calculation of values such as weight, length, characteristics of the stiffening rings (both in cylindrical shells and in saddle supports), the lengths of chords of circles etc. by element geometry and material properties;
  • calculation of required thickness (both from internal and from external pressure) and allowable values for pressure, forces and moments;
  • calculation of shell of horizontal vessels and apparatuses with arbitrary number and location of supports (2 and more); plotting of displacements, transverse forces, bending moments, strength and stability criterioies;
  • calculation of the strength of the connections from the action of pressure and loads;
  • calculation of flanged connections against external forces, moments and thermal stresses;
  • detailed report with intermediate calculations.

PASSAT-Columns (Tower) Option:

  • the calculation of the period of the lowest frequency vibrations of tower with arbitrary number of elements;
  • the calculation of effort for the tower from wind loads (including wind resonance) and seismic impacts;
  • the possibility of changing wind pressure in according to the type of the area;
  • the calculation of the strength and stability of the elements of the tower;
  • the calculation of the support cylinder + cone with the ability to specify a transition (downhole) of the skirt;
  • automatic computation of the position and characteristics of the weakest cross section of ckirt;
  • calculation of the tower is installed on the pedestal. The pedestal can be made in the form of a cylindrical or conical shell, and metal structures.

PASSAT-Seismic Option:

  • calculation of loads from seismic impacts on horizontal and vertical vessels and apparatuses;
  • the calculation of the elements of vessels and apparatuses taking into account loadings from seismic ef-fects.

PASSAT-Heat Exchangers Option:

  • input of the parameters of the heat exchange elements into a single multi-window dialogue;
  • determination of design forces in the tube sheet, shell, tubes;
  • calculation of tube sheets, shrll, tubes, compensator, extender, floating heads.

PASSAT-Tanks Option:

  • calculation of the strength and stability of shell, frameless fixed roof and the bottom, including wind, snow and seismic loads;
  • calculation of the anchoring wall;
  • determination of permissible loads on the pipe connections to the tank wall.

The calculation results can by saved as report in MS Word format.

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